Frontman Michael White combines classic rock, R&B, and elements of contemporary hard rock to create Dead But Dreaming's soaring vocals. After 6 years as a bassist and background vocalist in various local bands, Michael has stepped to the front, bringing a relaxed, yet insistent, presence to the stage. Controlling delicate subtleties and wailing highs with equal ease, his powerful melodies punctuate Dead But Dreaming's diverse stylings. "Singing in this band is a challenge because of our unique styles that come together," says Mike.

A garbageman by day, he also enjoys watching and participating in various sports, and catching a good movie.

Favorite Movie: Road Warrior
Favorite Recording Artists: Soundgarden, Tool, Chains and Enya
Favorite type of food: Italian
Sports: of course b-ball and golf
Least favorite: Ugly people who are not naturally ugly, and know it alls

     Les Paul Studio Guitar
     Marshall 6100 30th Anniversary Head
     Marshall 4x12 Cab
     Strings? Huh?
     Whatever picks I can find on the floor