Check out the clips from songs on our new EP below, as well as samples and full versions of the songs off our previous 2 demos. Just right click on the link and choose either 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As'.

If you don't have an MP3 player, where have you been? Go grab Winamp, MusicMatch, or Windows Media Player. They all work fine.

2003 EP 'Mockingbird' MP3s

Centuries (680 KB) Glorious Day (810 KB)
Coffin (783 KB) Beautiful Delusion (1.14MB)
Mockingbird (1.07 MB)

2000 Demo MP3s
Samples Full Versions

In My Own Way (651 KB) In My Own Way (3.3 MB)
27 (706 KB) 27 (3.1 MB)

1999 Demo MP3s
Samples Full Versions

Give (460 KB) Give (5.4 MB)
Karis (476 KB) Karis (4.9 MB)
Torn (351 KB) Torn (4.3 MB)