Jun 29, 2005
A busy Spring for everyone has managed to delay mixing of the songs for our last recording. It also looks like Phil is going to be moving to Portland soon, so we will be getting all the raw tracks from him before he leaves. We hope to have these songs mixed as soon as possible, and will be sure to keep everyone updated.

Mar 5, 2005
Well, progress on our final recording is slow but steady. Mike laid down all his vocals today, including some great background harmonies that were sounding sweet. Phil has been laying down guitar tracks here and there and is close to finishing up, so next up is mixing.

Dec 19, 2004
It took us a bit, but the drums and bass are done! Eric and Chad both finished up their remaining tracks and tidbits today. Phil has begun laying down some guitar as well, and Mike will be working on vocals in January.

Oct 26, 2004
There is another new addition to the Dead But Dreaming family! Michael and his wife Becky had their second son, Aidan Patrick White, today! Congrats Mike & Becky!

Oct 10, 2004
This weekend saw the drums and most of the bass tracks laid down for our upcoming final release. Guitar is next, and Mike will lay down the vocals sometime after kid number two has blessed his family.

Sept 30, 2004
Well, loyal fans, it has been a glorious ride with ups and downs, and many fun times. However, all good things must come to an end, and it looks like that time has come for Dead But Dreaming. Not everyone in the band is in similar places in their lives, and this has led to the decision for an amicable dissolution. It's not something that's happening overnight though, as we have a few final surprises. The band is going to do a final recording that will include those DBD songs that haven't found their way onto a release as of yet. We may even play one last show as a farewell. So stay tuned for updates on when we might play one last time, and how you can get your hands on what will be our final recording.

Aug 15, 2004
Under the hot August Seattle sun, Dead But Dreaming played to a crispy-fried crowd at the First Annual Soul To Da Sole Festival. Special thanks go out to those fans who came over from Bremerton just for this show. Be sure to head over to the photos page to check out the pic of Phil as Cousin It. :)

Aug 12, 2004
DBD played the Showbox Green Room tonight, with Phil's debut on guitar. Head on over to the photos page to check it out.

Jun 28, 2004
Say hello to Phil Felicia, Dead But Dreaming's new guitarist! That's right, DBD is whole again. Phil came in and laid it down and blew us away more and more with each audition. Look for updates to the band and bio pages shortly.

Jun 14, 2004
Just a quick update. Things are fairly quiet right now as the band is interviewing and trying out guitarists. Things are looking great with a couple candidates though, so stay tuned for a possible new addition to DBD soon!

Mar 27, 2004
Well, Brett's time with DBD has come to a close, and the band went out for one last hangout tonight to wish Brett luck in Michigan. He will be missed.

Feb 28, 2004
What a way to send Brett off with a bang! DBD rocked to a very enthusiastic crowd at Tommy's tonight for Brett's last show with the band. Those in attendance were also treated to the sounds of Los Burbanks, another very talented Seattle band.

Jan 23, 2004
Opening for Echoes tonight, DBD traveled to the U&I in Portland and rocked those Oregonian's socks off. Sadly, this is also going to be one of DBD's last shows for a while, as guitarist Brett Shanley is moving to Michigan soon. We're gonna send him off right with one last show at Tommy's on Feb 28th, so come on out!

Dec 21, 2003
DBD returned to rock the Central tonight, fresh off their CD release show on Friday. Props to opening band Echoes from Portland, who played an amazing acoustic set due to their drummer being unable to play the show.

Dec 19, 2003
'Mockingbird' is officially released! This was a joyous day for the band, as it has taken blood sweat and tears to see this EP come to fruition. Everyone had a blast at the CD release at the Manette Saloon tonight. The crowd certainly got their money's worth, with Phokus opening, and DBD laying it down for an hour and a half with their new light show. Thanks to all of you who made it out, you really make it all worthwhile.

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