Nov 26, 2003
Ok, the CD release show is now set. Come on out to the Manette Saloon on Friday December 19th to pick up the 'Mockingbird' EP, shirts, stickers, and to hear DBD rock the house for 90 minutes! Phokus will open.

Nov 21, 2003
Shirts are here! The long awaited Dead But Dreaming shirts are in our hands. There are two different shirt designs, one on a white T and one on black. Be sure to come to the next show to get yours.

Nov 17, 2003
Stickers are here! That's right, Dead But Dreaming stickers are ready. Be sure to come to the next show to get yours.

Nov 8, 2003
Tonight was rockin' with a killer show at the Manette Saloon in Bremerton. Dead But Dreaming was stoked to share the stage with another great Seattle band, Phokus. Head to our links page to check out their homepage.

Oct 29, 2003
With an energetic show debuting 2 new DBD creations, those at the historic Central Saloon in Pioneer Square tonight were having a good ol' time.

Sept 30, 2003
Well, due to contractual issues between the venue and the promoter, the show at Goldie's Tavern on October 4th is not happening. Stay tuned to hear when the CD release party is rescheduled.

Sept 24, 2003
CD release show booked! Come on down to Goldie's Tavern on October 4th to get your copy of the "Mockingbird" EP.

Sept 19, 2003
Sad news today. Garage Studios, our rehearsal space, is no more. Once again, we look for a new home.

Sept 6, 2003
What a show! Dead But Dreaming was in fine form tonight at Goldie's Tavern. With DBD's energetic set and solid performances from PDK and Trasht, all in attendance had a hell of a time.

Aug 5, 2003
It surely has been a long road traveled, but the Mockingbird EP officially exists! A select few will be privy to the discs in the immediate future, but be on the lookout next month for a CD release show!

July 7, 2003
The EP is going to be here soon! Got word today from our CD manufacturer that it is now in production. The long awaited disc will become reality within weeks!

May 29, 2003
Well, these past few months haven't been as quiet as they may seem. The band has been dealing with a lot of personal issues lately, with the premature birth of Mike's son, Zachary Michael White, knee surgery for Brett, and right after that, Eric's father had a massive stroke. Things have certainly been interesting. But we are back at it now, with a lot in the works. Stay tuned for our EP (finally!), shirts, stickers, and more!

March 13, 2003
A new addition to the Dead But Dreaming family is here... Michael and his wife Becky had their son, Zachary Michael White, today! Congrats Mike & Becky! As family comes before any show, DBD has backed out of the Chop Suey show this Sunday.

January 25, 2003
Work is progressing towards completion of the 'Mockingbird' EP! Graphical layout work is nearing completion...

January 15, 2003
New samplers are here! This is the Humble Rocks Recon sampler, and it features 12 bands. Dead But Dreaming's contribution to the disc is "Beautiful Delusion," a song that will appear on the upcoming EP 'Mockingbird'. Be sure to come out to the next show to get your copy!

January 11, 2003
The guys were out getting new group photos taken today, now that DBD is complete again. The best one will be going into the new press kit (look for this online soon) and will also appear on the bio page.

December 20, 2002
What a show! No rust here, as Dead But Dreaming tore up the stage after an 8 month hiatus. The benefit show with XIL records went well, and more little chillun's will now have food this Xmas. Be sure to check the photos page for pics soon.

December 15, 2002
We know it's taking time, but one more milestone has been met towards the release of the "Mockingbird" EP. The rough draft of the cover art is complete! The band would like to thank Aaron Sixkiller for his hard work. Check it out over at the music page.

October 30, 2002
Not only does Dead But Dreaming have a new practice space, but we have a new guitarist! Brett Shanley is going to be wailing on the guitar as part of DBD. You can get the scoop on what Brett's all about over at the band page.

October 8, 2002
Dead But Dreaming has a new practice space - Garage Studios in Seattle!

September 15, 2002
Today is our last day in Naf Studios. Still on the lookout for the right practice space...

August 29, 2002
Well, it looks like Naf Studios will be closing it's doors to bands in a couple weeks. Naf has been our home for rehearsals for many years, and we now get to look for practice space as well as a guitarist!

June 9, 2002
Congratulations! Chad and his wife Julie had their baby, Justin Patrick Redl, today at Puget Sound Birth Center!

June 3, 2002
Things are a bit quiet now, as the band is beginning to audition guitarists. To whet your whistle for the time being, go check out the music page. Samples from our forthcoming EP 'Mockingbird' are up!

April 28, 2002
The place to be in Seattle tonight was at the Humble Rocks Northwest Music Sampler CD release party at ISpy. With a full house, DBD pulled off a killer show - sending off Devin in style in his last show with the band. DBD will be taking a break from playing shows for a bit, in their hunt for a new guitarist. Rest assured that they will be back in full force...

April 22, 2002
The sampler CDs are now available! The band got some advance copies, and they turned out great. With 14 different bands on the CD, there are plenty of tunes for everyone. Be sure to come to the ISpy show this Sunday to get your copy!

April 13, 2002
Hello, what a show! Along with handpicked bands Room Zero and Sweet Root, DBD was again rocking the peninsula at the Manette Saloon in Bremerton. Stay tuned for pics and maybe even some video footage...

April 5, 2002
DBD was confirmed today for the CD release party of the Humble Rocks Northwest Music Sampler. The show will be at ISpy on the 28th, and you can pick up your free sampler CD there!

March 30, 2002
With some much appreciated help from Mike as well as other friends and family, Chad and his wife Julie moved into their first house today!

March 10, 2002
Well, it was nice while it lasted. For personal reasons, Devin has decided to leave the band. He'll be hanging around long enough to play the currently booked shows though.

February 18, 2002
With shows on Saturday and Sunday this past weekend, Dead But Dreaming was rocking both Port Orchard and Seattle. These were Devin's first shows with the band, and DBD would like to thank everyone who came out for the great support!

February 6, 2002
Lots of shows coming up... 5 just added to the shows page!

February 1, 2002
Big news! DBD just found out that they will have their song "In My Own Way" on the Spring 2002 NW Music Compilation being put together by Humble Rocks Records. CDs should be pressing in March and available in April. Stay tuned!

January 23, 2002
Well, it looks like we won't be playing up at The Monkey Trap in Mukilteo on Saturday, January 26th. Mike has come down with a nasty cold, and can't sing. Stay tuned for future gigs...

January 14, 2002
The search didn't take long... Dead But Dreaming would like to welcome Devin Hall as their new guitarist! Devin brings to the band his own unique style and passion for music that made him a perfect fit right away. To learn more about him, head on over to the band page.

December 31, 2001
Happy new year! The boys sent out the year with a bang up at the Monkey Trap, and debuted their new song "X Or The Y" to hearty audience approval.

December 27, 2001
Well, it appears that one chapter in the saga of Dead But Dreaming is coming to a close. Jason informed the band today that he will be moving to California soon, and won't be able to continue as the guitarist. Chad, Eric and Mike are going to miss him greatly, and will be working to look for his replacement in the new year. Jason will be playing a couple final shows with the band, so be sure to check the shows page for the details and come send him off in style!

November 29, 2001
Dead But Dreaming's forthcoming EP, "Mockingbird", was mastered today at RFI Mastering.

November 15, 2001
The Rain Dancer was the place to be tonight, as Dead But Dreaming was tearing up the stage along with the laid back jazz sounds of Laguna as well as Clatterbone - a great band featuring bagpipes! Gotta love that.

November 10, 2001
The leaves are falling and the winterbrews have hit the shelves... must be time for the annual Willis housewarming party! May ye all be shitfaced! Maybe next's years party will actually be in a house...

October 26, 2001
Our apologies to fans as the show tonight was at Slick Rick's in Tacoma and not at Planet Hotrod as advertised. Due to a miscommunication we found out too late to tell everyone of the switch. Those that made it got to enjoy "Land Of Confusion" and the band's new song "Stand" again, and everyone was having a grand ol' time.

October 19, 2001
Dead But Dreaming was in fine form at Oh! Gallaghers tonight, as fans were treated to their new song "Stand". And the whole bar was singing 'whoa-oh-oh' as they unleashed their version of "Land Of Confusion".

September 25, 2001
Well, things have been quiet lately other than a few shows here and there, as the band has been working on new songs and looking for funding for their upcoming EP. That call seems to have been answered and the band is back at work. Stay tuned for more updates...

July 30, 2001
The boys were all gussied up for a photo shoot today, in preparation for the new EP. Look for some of these shots to pop up on each individual band member's page in the future.

July 28, 2001
Along with Painted Window and Crash Landing, DBD was at Planet Hotrod tonight. Always a blast, the bar was hopping with DBD's energetic set.

June 10, 2001
DBD was in Ironwood Studios again this weekend as the guys were mixing the new tracks down. The new EP's sounding sweet and next up is mastering. Release may be delayed though due to lack of cash.

May 27, 2001
Dead But Dreaming was laying down tracks in Ironwood Studios this weekend for their upcoming debut EP. Things went well, and the band will be mixing on June 9-10. Check the photos page soon for shots of the action.

April 20, 2001
Gotta love the 4-20 party! Returning to the Lakepoint Bar & Grill, DBD put on an energetic and ripping show, warming up for recording.

April 8, 2001
Well, studio time has now been booked. Dead But Dreaming will be in Ironwood Studios May 26-27 to lay down tracks for a new 5 song EP. They will be mixing in June, so stay tuned!

April 7, 2001
Ahh, the great white north. Well, OK, it was just Everett. DBD played Club Broadway tonight, and Jason pulled double duty by playing guitar with The Sex Philes as well.

March 23, 2001
Those that caught Dead But Dreaming at Planet Hotrod tonight were treated to some new songs! The band unveiled 'Centuries' and 'Glorious Day' to glowing audience approval.

February 24, 2001
With new material, and the spring fast approaching, Dead But Dreaming is getting ready to hit the studio again. Word is they will be recording a five song EP, most likely in April. Be sure to come out to one of the upcoming shows to get an early listen to the new songs!

January 4, 2001
Gibson's is a small bar, but it's big on charm. Dead But Dreaming was ripping it up there tonight. There was a camera flying at this show too, so head over to the photos page to see what you may have missed.

December 29, 2000
Ushering out the last year with style, Dead But Dreaming joined Counterfist and Ashland at the Lakepointe Bar & Grill in an attempt to deafen the neighbors. Mission accomplished! Be sure to check out the pics on the photos page.

December 23, 2000
Apologies to those who went to Planet Hotrod tonight - the band had to cancel as Mike came down with a nasty-ass cold a few days ago.

November 17, 2000
DBD had the house rockin' down at Planet Hotrod tonight. Delivering one of their power-packed shorter sets, those in attendance were treated to a hell of a show.

October 14, 2000
It is the legend. It is... the 4th annual Willis housewarming party. Needless to say, the title alone shows how it's just an excuse to drink. Not as bad as last year, the band still managed to get plenty shitfaced. Beware of the Warhammer! Here's looking forward to next's years party...

October 7, 2000
What is it with weddings in the fall eh? Mike White, fearless lead singer of Dead But Dreaming, took the plunge today. Congratulations Mike & Becki!

September 16, 2000
DBD placed second in a Battle Of The Bands today at Pacific City Park. It didn't take long to blow the winnings though, as Red Robin turned out to be the benfactor of their spoils soon afterwards!

August 26, 2000
Fish, a good friend of the band and former singer of Orange Tin Man, got married today to Tracy. Congrats kids!

August 5, 2000
The Raindancer was the place to be. After the groove of The Ghetto Monks, Dead But Dreaming put on a rip-roarin' booty-shakin' full hour set that left everyone begging for more. Check out the photos page for the action.

July 27, 2000
DBD played the Ballard Firehouse tonight, performing their new song 'Coffin' for an enthusiastic audience. Head on over to the photos page to check it out.

July 16, 2000
The boys went camping! Yes, the band spent the weekend over at Fort Ebey on Whidbey Island, consuming maybe just a little too much beer in the process. Go check out the pics on the photos page.

May 25, 2000
Now that the new demo is done, go check out the songs! New on the music page are samples from each song.

May 17, 2000
The artwork is done, and the new demo officially exists! Right now most of these are headed for clubs and labels, but you can get one by either coming to a show or sending us an email with a request.

April 27, 2000
Demo CDs have been duplicated! Thanks to Protape, Dead But Dreaming now has 200 copies of their latest 2 song demo. As soon as the cover art is done DBD will be heavily promoting themselves to labels, and you'll be able to get your grubby little hands on one too!

March 24, 2000
Well, apologies to anyone who showed up at Planet Hotrod for the show today. Due to a booking error, the band didn't have the necessary gear with them and wound up not playing.

March 18, 2000
The new 2-song demo was mastered today, at Ironwood Studios in Ballard. Be on the lookout for samples on the music page soon!

March 11, 2000
DBD is playing the Ballard Firehouse tonight, in a multi-band jam. They will be debuting a brand new song, 'Beautiful Delusion'. Check the shows page for details.

February 27, 2000
Dead But Dreaming was in the studio today, laying down two of their more popular tunes for a new demo. 'In My Own Way' and '27' were recorded at Stepping Stone Studios with Mike Foss.