Drawing on his 17 years experience, Eric Slyter applies his aggressive heavy metal background to Dead But Dreaming. Despite his heavy influences, he is able to back off when necessary to fit the mood. Above all, he pushes himself towards excellence in all his musical endeavors. "There is a unique satisfaction to writing and playing great songs," he says.

When not pounding on the drums, he can be found pounding steel as a professional medieval armour maker. He uses his degree in graphic arts to promote the band, his business, and other ventures.

Favorite Movie: "John Carpenter's 'The Thing'"
Favorite Recording Artists: Tool, Rammstein, Danny Elfman, Dead But Dreaming
Favorite Dessert: Most anything chocolate, as long as it doesn't have walnuts
Favorite Games: Chess, and R-TYPE!
Least Favorite Things: Rude drivers, telemarketers, negative attitudes and bitching

     Roland TD-5 Electronic Drum Kit:
     TD-5 Percussion Sound Module
     PD-5 8.5-inch Single-Trigger Pad (snare, 3 toms, floor tom)
     KD-7 Kick Trigger Unit x 2 (double bass)
     KC500 Amplifier
     Trap Stand

     Zildjian 22" A Ping Ride
     Zildjian 18" Z-Custom Medium Crash
     Zildjian 16" A Medium Crash
     Zildjian 18" A China High
     Zildjian 12" A Splash
     Zildjian 14" New Beat Hi-Hats x 2

     Tama ProBeat Bass Drum Pedals (convertible double pedal)
     Tama Stands