November 2003 Newsletter
Dead But Dreaming

Newsletter #19 - November 2003

Greetings to all you Dead But Dreaming fans! It's time for another update from the band!

First of all, the band apologizes for the cancellation of the Saturday, October 4th show at Goldie's. Due to contractual issues between the venue and the promoter, the show had to be cancelled. This was a severe disappointment to the band, as this was to be the CD release show with full radio promotion. Dead But Dreaming is scouting around right now for another good opportunity for the CD release... keep your eyes open for a big show by year's end, complete with t-shirts, stickers, and of course the Mockingbird CD!

Next, DBD has two new shows to announce! The first show is this Wednesday the 29th at the legendary Central Saloon in Seattle. The band will be closing out the evening with an extended set featuring not only the many standards, but also a few rarer songs and even two brand new songs, "Revolver" and "October Skies!" Show starts at 9pm, with DBD hitting the stage around 11:30pm. Come on out to the show and sleep in Thursday - this one will be worth it! The address is 207 First Ave in Pioneer Square.

On the heels of the Central Saloon show, Dead But Dreaming is proud to return to The Manette Saloon in Bremerton for a headlining show on Saturday, November 8th! This show will feature two unique full-length sets from the band, with an opening guest band hand-picked by DBD. Show starts at 9pm! The address is 2113 East 11th St. in Bremerton. Info about The Central and the Manette Saloon such as directions, map and phone number can be found on

That's it for now from Dead But Dreaming! Keep an eye out for the next show announcements coming soon! See you all at The Central on the 29th and The Manette on the 8th!

Directions to The Central:
> From I-5 Northbound, take exit number 164B towards 4th Ave S. Merge onto I-90 West, and then after curling down to 4th Ave, take a left onto 4th Ave S. Bear left onto 2nd Ave S, and then quickly after, turn left onto S Jackson St. Go about three blocks, and then take a right onto 1st Ave S. The Central is then a block away.

> From I-5 Southbound, take exit number 165A towards James St exit. Stay straight to go onto 6th Ave, and quickly after that, turn right on Columbia. After about 6 blocks, turn left onto 1st and The Central will be about 3 more blocks down 1st.

Directions to the Manette Saloon:
> From the Ferry Terminal in Bremerton, stay to your right when you get off the Ferry. Turn right on the Manette Bridge. Turn right at first intersection after the Bridge. Take next left on 11th. Manette Saloon is on the second block on the right.

> From Highway 16, take the Highway 304/Navy Yard Highway exit. You get to drive past the big ships and aircraft carriers. Turn right onto Burwell (heads towards ferries). You can't miss the turn, you have to make an effort to miss it :-) Follow all the way through to where it makes a "T" on Washington. Go left. Turn right on the Manette Bridge. Turn right at first intersection after the bridge. Take next left on 11th. Manette Saloon is on the second block on the right.