August 2003 Newsletter
Dead But Dreaming

Newsletter #17 - August 2003

Greetings to all you Dead But Dreaming fans! It's time for another update from the band!

First of all, the band apologizes for the cancellation of the Saturday, June 21st show at the 5th Annual Summer Celebration in Roslyn. A business commitment interfered with the band's ability to make this show, and apologies go out to any fans that made it out and came away disappointed.

The band's next show is scheduled for Saturday, September 6th at Goldie's Tavern in Seattle! Goldie's Tavern is a new venue right on Airport Way in Seattle and Dead But Dreaming is pleased to be among the first bands to open its doors - come out and help keep the music scene alive! Tickets are $3 in advance through the DBD website, with free HumbleRocks Records and XIL Records compilation CDs (featuring songs by Dead But Dreaming) to the first 10 people who buy through the website. There is no official will-call, but the band will make arrangements for anyone who wishes to pick their ticket up at the venue. If you just want to show up at the door, ask to speak to a member of Dead But Dreaming when you arrive and buy a ticket from a band member for $3. DBD would prefer the 'old' way of people just showing up for the show, but the scene is changing and the band has to stay flexible - which means the fans have to adapt too. Show starts at 9pm, with DBD second on the bill. The address is 3924 Airport Way in South Seattle.

Directions to Goldie's:
> From I-5 Southbound, take the Airport Way S exit. Continue south on Airport Way a couple miles and Goldie's is just past S Bradford Street.

> From I-5 Northbound, take the S Spokane St exit. Continue on the S Spokane St exit and then take a right onto Airport Way S. Just a few blocks, and Goldie's is just past S Bradford Street.

The band is very happy to announce that, at long last, the "Mockingbird" EP is completed! The band is scouting around for a date and location for the CD release party. As soon as something is booked, our fans will be the first to know!

That's it for now from Dead But Dreaming! Keep an eye out for the next show announcements coming soon! See you all at Goldie's on the 6th!