March 2003 Newsletter
Dead But Dreaming

Newsletter #15 - March 2003

Greetings to all you Dead But Dreaming fans! It's time for another update from the band!

First of all, many thanks to all those who made it out to DBD's most recent show December 20th at the Narrows Theater in Tacoma, which was a benefit for St. Leo's Food Bank. Despite a few technical difficulties, Dead But Dreaming played to an enthusiastic crowd, with all the free CDs being snapped up almost immediately. The band came away having made a number of new friends (many thanks to Amanda, who passed our mailing list around), and a few more people got to eat for the holidays. DBD would like to thank XIL records for the opportunity to play.

Dead But Dreaming will be returning to the stage on Sunday, March 16th at the Chop Suey Concert Club in Seattle! This show is an ALL AGES Battle of the Bands being hosted by Sugarlight Productions from California. Chop Suey is located at 1325 E. Madison south of Capitol Hill. The show starts at 12:30pm and lasts until 5pm. The tickets are $8 each, and the order of the bands is determined by number of tickets sold. This means that to play later in the day to the biggest crowds (with the winner being determined by audience reaction), the band needs to move a lot of tickets prior to the show (paying at the box office at the time of show does not help the band improve its time slot). To make this easier, the band is selling tickets via the website at You can pay by credit or debit card using and your ticket(s) will be sent right to your home. The band sincerely hopes to see a big turnout for this event, as the winner will progress to the Finals and have the opportunity to win cash and recording time at a studio, as well as the chance to be heard by a record label.

> From I-5 southbound, take the STEWART ST. exit towards DENNY WAY, exit #166. Continue on EASTLAKE AVE E. Continue on HOWELL ST. Turn Left on BOREN AVE. Turn Left on MADISON ST. Continue on E MADISON ST for about 10 blocks or so until just past 13th Ave and there ya go.

> From I-5 northbound, take the DEARBORN ST./JAMES ST./I-90 EAST/MADISON ST. exit towards SPOKANE, exit #164A and continue on 7TH AVE. Turn Right on MADISON ST and continue on E MADISON ST until just past 13th Ave and you're golden.

New to the Dead But Dreaming website are updated Photo Galleries including shows at the Manette Saloon and ISpy from last April, as well as the most recent show featuring the debut of guitarist Brett Shanley. Also be on the lookout for a Frequently Asked Questions section in the Fan Zone page which will have some of the questions most often fielded by band members, answered once and for all. The band will be accepting questions via the website for those who have something they wish to know, and posting the questions with the answers on the website periodically.

That's it for now from Dead But Dreaming! Keep an eye out for the next show announcements coming soon! See you all at Chop Suey on the 16th!