February 2002 Newsletter
Dead But Dreaming

Newsletter #12 - February 2002

Greetings to all you Dead But Dreaming fans! Once again it's time for an update from the band, and the New Year has many exciting developments!

First of all, apologies for the disappointing cancellation of the Monkey Trap show on January 26th. Mike was coming down with a cold, and the band learned its lesson last time they made him sing when sick. DBD will be back at the Monkey Trap soon enough, and what a show it will be...

Big thanks go out to those who attended the New Year's Eve show at the Monkey Trap in Mukilteo! Despite a few technical difficulties (and the aforementioned sick lead singer), the band was still able to put in an impressive showing, including the debut of the new song "X or the Y." Those in attendance at the show witnessed the final performance of the band with guitarist Jason Willis. Yes, after many years with the band, Jason called it quits on December 27th to move to California in early 2002. While everyone is sad to see him go, he leaves with best wishes from all. Farewell, Jason!

Good fortune has been with DBD, for a new guitarist has already been hired for the position Jason has left. Dead But Dreaming would like to give a hearty welcome to Devin Hall, formerly of Radius. Devin brings his 6 years of experience to the band with solid skills, great feel, and energetic, enthusiastic performing. The band knew he was a perfect fit right away. Dead But Dreaming has every confidence that this will be an ideal match, and would love for everyone to come out to the next show to welcome Devin to the band!

Speaking of which, shows are abounding for Dead But Dreaming! First up is the Harborside Bar & Grill on Saturday, February 16th! The Harborside is located at 714 Bay Street in Port Orchard (just a short drive from Tacoma!). Directions: From Highway 16 Westbound, take the exit for SE Sedgwick Road and go right. Take a left on Bethel Rd SE. After a couple miles, follow the roundabout to stay on Bethel. After the roundabout Bethel will turn into Bay Street. Harborside will be on the left in the middle of the block after about 1/2 mile. DBD is playing with DC and the Washingtons, and it should be a great time for all. The show begins at 9pm, so bring some friends!

Next up is the very next day at the Ballard Firehouse on Sunday, February 17th! This showcase is an ALL AGES event until midnight, with DBD going on around 10:00pm. Because it's President's Day weekend, there should be a great crowd for this gig. Solid attendance for Dead But Dreaming will mean more local weekend shows for the band, so come on out! The Ballard Firehouse is located at 5429 Russell Ave NW in Ballard (on the corner of Russell and Market).

Other upcoming performances include a Saturday, April 13th show at the Manette Saloon in Bremerton (www.manettesaloon.com), and a special appearance Tuesday, June 25th at The Vogue in Seattle (www.vogueseattle.com), plus much more! Stay tuned for details!

With the change in band personnel, new band photos are in order... look for new individual and group shots on the website in the coming weeks, as well as a preview of the new full-color cover art for the band's new EP "Mockingbird," set for release in just a few more short months! The cover art is being done by none other than the band's own drummer, Eric Slyter, who is looking forward to putting paint to canvas once again for this masterpiece!

As always, check the Dead But Dreaming website for the latest scoop on the band. The Photo Gallery has finally been updated, so there are brand new pics from past and recent shows to check out, and more being added all the time. New biographical information is already up, and more fun stuff on the way! Stay tuned for interactive features in the Fan Zone, such as Q&A, polls, and more, as well as a new Dead But Dreaming Message Board... and maybe, just maybe even teaser samples from the band's upcoming EP, "Mockingbird!"

That's it for now from Dead But Dreaming! Keep an eye out for the next show announcements coming soon!