December 2001 Newsletter
Dead But Dreaming

Newsletter #11 - December 2001

Greetings loyal Dead But Dreaming fans! It's time once again for an update from the band.

Lots of thanks are due to the fans that showed up at the last couple gigs... The shows at Oh! Gallagher's (10/19), Slick Rick's (10/26) and the Rain Dancer (11/15) featured spirited performances by the band, and appreciative audiences. DBD appreciates the attendance!

Dead But Dreaming is pleased to announce two new upcoming shows! DBD will be playing on Monday, December 31st at the Monkey Trap in Mukilteo. The New Year's Eve show starts at 8pm with Dead But Dreaming going on first. Be sure to come on down and close out the year in style! DBD will be returning to the Monkey Trap on January 26th, with the show starting at around 9:30pm. Both shows will feature 1 hour sets by the band. The Monkey Trap is located at 10809 Mukilteo Speedway. Check out the DBD website for more directions and a map.

The band has been busy coming up with great new material as always, and once again they've struck gold with "The X or the Y." See the debut of this song at the shows listed above, and stick around as always for that last song that always gets the crowd going... you'll just have to come to one of the shows to find out what song that is!

The band has mastered its new 5-song CD, entitled "Mockingbird," and post-production such as artwork and CD duplication will be proceeding early in 2002. The band knows that you've all been waiting a long time for "Mockingbird's" release and, be assured, you will not be disappointed!

As always, be sure to check out the latest updates to the Dead But Dreaming website at New photo galleries of recent shows are now online and more are on the way, so go check 'em out!

That's all for now... See you at the shows on the 31st and Jan 26th, and bring a friend!