November 2000 Newsletter
Dead But Dreaming

Newsletter #8 - November 2000

Greetings to all you Dead But Dreaming fans! The band is glad to welcome many new people to the DBD Mailing List who signed up after one of several great recent shows by the band. Here's what's been going on lately...

Big thanks go out to those who attended the shows at the Ballard Firehouse and The Raindancer on Thursday, July 27th and Saturday, August 5th, respectively. These were great, well received shows that gave the band a real showcase to display their on-stage talents. Dead But Dreaming debuted a new song, "Coffin," at the Ballard Firehouse. The song has gone over very well with audiences, right alongside the usual favorites such as "Give" and "In My Own Way". The audience at The Raindancer demanded an encore, and the band delivered with "Tastes Like Jesus."

On Saturday, September 16th, Dead But Dreaming had the opportunity to play out at the inaugural City of Pacific Battle of the Bands. The band put on a tight, energetic and professional show for an enthusiastic audience, including in the set the rarely performed "Karis." In a "toss up" final decision by the judges, local cover band "Big Boss Willy" took first place, with Dead But Dreaming taking second. This didn't seem to be a popular decision with the audience, but DBD took their prize graciously. Local funk band "Superphly" took 3rd place.

Now, to announce a new upcoming show: Dead But Dreaming will be appearing live at Planet Hotrod in Fife on Friday, November 17th. This show will feature a 25 minute set by the band, performing all the crowd favorites. The band will go on around 9 pm, but get there early. Planet Hotrod is located at 7404 Pacific Highway. See you there, and bring a friend!

Additionally, the band is seeking other new bookings in the greater Seattle area, as well as outside the area. In the meantime, DBD continues to craft new songs and refine the old ones, and come up with new and exciting ways to entice their audience. Dead But Dreaming is seeking representation for booking shows, so if you're interested in being an agent for the band, or know someone who is, just contact the band via phone, mail, or email (referenced on this newsletter).

Stay tuned for great new interactive improvements on the Dead But Dreaming website. Upcoming features include articles by the band members, Q&A, interviews, and fan reviews, as well as new pictures and a lyrics section. Be sure to check out the sound samples, and download the full-length versions of songs from our 1999 and 2000 demos on, clickable from the Dead But Dreaming website at

Here's a question for you... What does "Dead But Dreaming" mean to you? The band knows what the concept means to themselves, but they'd like to hear from the fans about it as well. Express yourself... Commentary, poetry, and artwork of all kinds are all happily accepted. The best submissions will appear on the Dead But Dreaming website in the near future. Cut-off date is December 1st. Dig deep...

That's it for now from Dead But Dreaming! You'll hear from us again soon...