July 2000 Newsletter
Dead But Dreaming

Newsletter #7 - July 2000

Greetings loyal Dead But Dreaming fans! It's been a while since you've received an update from the band, so here is a full-blown newsletter... and there is much to report!

Dead But Dreaming capitalized on some time off between shows by recording their new Year 2000 demo. Their best sounding and most professional effort to date, it features two great tracks - among the band's most popular songs! First up is "In My Own Way", which debuted live about a year ago and was an instant crowd favorite, and "27", another of the band's most popular songs. You can hear music samples of the new 2000 demo on the band's website, at www.deadbutdreaming.com, or better yet, come grab one at one of DBD's upcoming shows!

Special thanks go out to everyone who has supported the band and come out to see one of its intense "short sets", which have been performed everywhere from Planet Hotrod in Fife to the now-defunct Colourbox. The "short sets" have been a challenge for Dead But Dreaming... not only because of playing on equipment other than what the band is used to, but because it's always difficult picking the 5 songs that the band feels are most entertaining and representative of its style. DBD is pleased to announce two upcoming shows, which feature full-length sets on the bands own gear... two shows not to be missed! The first of the two shows is July 27th, at the Ballard Firehouse. The band is scheduled to start playing at 9pm, featuring a 45 minute set. The Ballard Firehouse is located at 5429 Russel Ave NW in Ballard (on the corner of Russel and Market). The 2nd of the shows will take place on August 5th, at The Raindancer. Be there by 9pm to catch DBD, featuring a full hour of music (you'll hear a few tunes the band's not played in a while!). The Raindancer is located at 4217 University Way in Seattle's U-District. Both shows will feature two strong new songs, "Beautiful Delusion" and "Coffin"! Be sure to catch one, if not both, of these great shows... and bring a friend!

In addition to recording the new demo, Dead But Dreaming has been working on some great new songs! Yes, the band has been hard at work composing some outstanding new material that will be in our two upcoming shows. Be on the lookout for even more from DBD later this summer. Another exciting development in enhancing the DBD sound is drummer Eric Slyter's new digital drumset... He's kept his cymbals, but now sports an incredible drum sound that adds a new dimension to the Dead But Dreaming experience!

As always, be sure to check out the latest updates to the Dead But Dreaming website. Located at www.deadbutdreaming.com, it's your source for the most up-to-date information on the band, including shows, pictures, biographies, and music samples.

That's all for now... See you at the shows on the 27th and 5th!