January 2000 Newsletter
Dead But Dreaming

Newsletter #6 - January 2000

First of all, thanks go out to those of you who listened to KISW late enough on Jan 14th to hear them play a DBD song! There wasn't time to send an announcement to everyone via postal mail, but those of you checking your e-mail inboxes got a little bit of warning that KISW was going to play a song ("Torn") by DBD as part of their annual charity Radiothon. DBD gave a charitable donation (proceeds go to benefit Ronald McDonald House) in exchange for a little airtime. As the radio station's schedule does get shuffled out of control on their Radiothon days, we were originally to be played at 9:30 pm but ended up being played at 12:45 am. Many of Seattle's local groups were also played that night, and a few of them will be playing with us on Friday, January 28th at Planet Hot Rod (7403 Pacific Highway in Fife). Show starts at 8:30, we will be on at 9:30. This is a 9-band jam night which always brings something fresh, interesting, and new to the stage.

We'll be heading into the studio at the end of February to record a new demo, the release of which should be in March. Keep watching for a special gig announcement where you might obtain a copy for yourself! Also, upon completion of this new recording, we will begin preparing for doing our first album! Songs and recording studios have yet to be chosen, but it's looking like it might happen as soon as this summer! So keep checking the web page and watching your in-box (or mailbox) for updates on gigs and album information.

Oh, by the way: you can now check us out on the web at www.deadbutdreaming.com - an address that is certainly easier to remember than the previous one! The site has been updated recently and is worth checking out if you have not visited in a while. If you don't have a copy of 'Give' from the demo, you can listen to it and obtain the MP3 by following a link from our page to MP3.com. Keep in mind in this new era of digital music and free internet distribution that it is important to support your local artists, so if there is a band you've heard around and really like, check 'em out online (most bands are online now, and many of them with MP3.com) and please don't illegally post copies of their music on a site to be downloaded by others. Bands love it when you tell your friends about them, play their album for other people, and put links to their website on your own. Spreading music around for free that wasn't intended by the band however is a bad idea - make sure you stress to someone how important it is to actually purchase a copy for yourself if you have MP3's illegally from a group. After all, the only way this indie thing works is if people actually support their favorite artists by buying the music from the musicians directly (cheaper than from a major label - cut out all those middlemen expenses!) and going to their shows. Although our own album isn't out for sale yet, we do feel for other groups struggling with this issue right now. It's your music scene, make it something you can live with - and actually enjoy.

Talk at 'ya later, hope to see you at the show!