July 1999 Newsletter
Dead But Dreaming

Newsletter #4 - July 1999

Salutations from Dead But Dreaming, cramming your mailbox with info on our Summer show season!

First, thanks to all of you who came out to our shows at the Colourbox and Zak's. Those of you who came to Zak's on June 17th had the privilege of hearing the debut of our new song "In My Own Way". The Colourbox shows went well on April 21st and again on May 25th (booked last minute), the last one a fine farewell to one of Seattle's best loved clubs. For those of you who have not yet heard, the Colourbox is now closed as the building owner refused to renew the lease. Instead, that location will now 'feature' brand new condos. We feel honored to have been one of the last bands to play there, and are sorry to see it go, as each one of us can share a story about seeing some of our favorite groups at that venue. Farewell, Colourbox. We will miss you.

July is shaping up to be a busy month for the boys as you will have three opportunities to catch us live. On Thursday July 8th we will be rocking the small town of Fife at Planet Hotrod (7403 Pacific Highway S.). Show starts at 9:30, DBD at 11:30. This is a 'Taco Thursday' night and will be accompanied by the presence of many of Seattle's Harley-Davidson riding elite. Extra coolness points for those of you who show up on two wheels. And, if tradition continues, cheap Tacos will also be available.

Next, on Wednesday July 14th, we will be playing the Fiesta Bar in Ballard (1471 85th St. NW), formerly known as The China Club. This venue has changed its names many times but always offers a large room for shows and good quality sound (and, with the new Mexican theme, the chips & salsa are a nice addition). Show starts at 9:00 pm!

Last but not least, especially for you northenders, we will be playing at Club Broadway in Everett on Saturday, July 24th. Club Broadway (1611 Everett Ave.) is a large multi-level club that often offers several different kinds of music simultaneously on different floors (including dance). We will be playing with an excellent band, Seattle's own Radius. For those of you who missed Radius' performance at The Time Out, they are well worth seeing, a dynamic band with emotionally driven vocals and high energy content. A sure show not to miss, and definitely worth the drive. Show starts early, at 8:30 pm.

Finally, the DBD web site now has sound samples! Direct your browser over to http://members.home.com/deadbutdreaming/dbd.htm to hear mp3 samples of the three songs from our recently recorded demo.

Stay tuned for announcements of more summer shows coming your way. Hope to see you in July!