April 1999 Newsletter
Dead But Dreaming

Newsletter #3 - April 1999

Greetings from Dead But Dreaming, once again coming to you with the latest updates from the band.

Thanks go out to everyone who made it to our 3 March shows. The first of which was changed at the last minute from Jimmy Z's to a bar down the street (The Time Out), due to a booking error... nonetheless, DBD made the most of it and put on a very well-received show. The show at Rupert's went well also, with some solid support from fans as well as those who were new to DBD's music. The final show in March, at the Ballard Firehouse, was still a great show even though turnout wasn't as big as it could've been. On that note, apologies to everyone who got our e-mail reminder note late for the show!

So far, Dead But Dreaming is looking at one show in April, but it's going to be a good one! The show is Wednesday, April 14th, at The Colourbox, at 9:30pm sharp. The Colourbox is located at 113 First Ave. S, in Pioneer Square. The band will be playing a 25 minute set, featuring 5 of it's strongest songs, in a Battle of the Bands featuring many bands playing short, back-to-back sets. This is an important gig for DBD, as there will be contacts in attendance that could help the band get better shows, including a rumoured festival in Eastern Washington in September for the winner! So, pass the word along and bring a friend! Hope to see everyone at the show!

The brand new Dead But Dreaming demo is finished, and in the process of being duplicated. The demo packaging includes lyrics, by popular demand. The band plans on making the CDs available at shows, as well as through the website. CDs will be offered free at the upcoming show at the Colourbox, for those loyal supporters who make it out!

While it is under heavy construction, the Dead But Dreaming website is slowly growing and getting polished. Check it out at http://members.home.com/deadbutdreaming/dbd.htm. More pics, info, bios, and even sound samples will be added soon!

That's about it for now! Hope to see everyone at the show on the 14th!