March 1999 Newsletter
Dead But Dreaming

Newsletter #2 - March 1999

Hello again from Dead But Dreaming, coming to you with the latest updates from the band. Much thanks are in order for all of you who came to our first two shows! The first being the private show the band held for friends and family on January 30th at our rehearsal studio. Everyone had a great time, with a full production sound and light show emphasizing the band's tight and energetic set. DBD's first public performance followed only two days later, February 1st at the Ballard Firehouse, in a Battle of the Bands. Dead But Dreaming placed 2nd, but everyone present enjoyed a powerful and exciting performance from the band. Congratulations to Tempered Cast for placing 1st, and Smoulder for placing 3rd.

March is going to be a busy month for DBD. The band's next show is Saturday, March 13th at Jimmy Z's in Everett, at 9:30pm sharp. Jimmy Z's is located at 1712 Hewitt. The band will be playing a 30 minute set, featuring 5 of it's strongest songs, in an all-night festival featuring many bands playing back-to-back. After that, the band will play Tuesday, March 23rd at Rupert's in Pioneer Square, at 9pm. Rupert's is located at 309 1st Ave. S., Seattle. Lastly, Dead But Dreaming will be performing Monday, March 29th, at the Ballard Firehouse, at 9:30pm. The Ballard Firehouse is located at 5429 Russell NW in Ballard. DBD's return to the Firehouse is the semi-finals in their Battle of the Bands, so pass the word along and bring a friend! Hope to see everyone at these great shows!

Among other things the band is actively pursuing right now, practices are seeing more participation on rhythm guitar from vocalist Michael White. Conversely, lead guitarist Jason Willis is assuming more duties in the area of backup vocals. The band hopes to be able to deliver a more well-rounded sound in their live shows. These advances are still in the early stages of development, and the band wishes to perfect these improvements before presenting them to the audiences at their shows.

Additionally, the next couple weeks to come will see a new demo recorded by the band. Some have already received the single-song effort the band released, but DBD feels that it can improve on that and then some. The next will be 3 songs, and the band hopes to be able to have these CDs ready in a few weeks.

And finally, the Dead But Dreaming website is finally operational! While it is under heavy construction, you can at least get a taste of that which is yet to come at

That's about it for now! Hope to see everyone at the shows this month!