January 1999 Newsletter
Dead But Dreaming

Vol. #1 Issue #1 January 1999

Greetings, and welcome to the first newsletter from Dead But Dreaming!

You may be familiar with Dead But Dreaming's previous incarnation as Seattle band "Orange Tin Man". At last report, singer/frontman Fish was no longer with the band, and the remaining bandmembers - Jason Willis, Chad Redl, and Eric Slyter - were searching for a new name and a new vocalist.

The search took a long time, but the results were worth it. Finally finding the right man for the job in May 1998, Michael White has been brought on as the new singer/frontman for Dead But Dreaming. As with all the members of the band, he has brought in his own diverse interests and unique perspective on music and songwriting, as well as some powerful rhythm guitar work. Most importantly, he has a great voice! The bandmates are very happy with this decision, and the band as a whole is very confident that this will be a most successful match. After much lengthy debate about what the new name of the band should be, it came down to a vote, and "Dead But Dreaming" won by majority.

At long last, the band is ready to start playing shows! With a warm-up gig for friends and family planned on the 30th, Dead But Dreaming will be making it's public debut at the Ballard Firehouse on Monday, February 1st. DBD is slotted to play in the first slot at 9:30, in a Battle of the Bands. The Ballard Firehouse is located at 5429 Russell NW, on the corner of Market and Russell in Ballard. There is no final word as of yet who the other bands will be, but with Dead But Dreaming ripping it up, you're sure to be entertained regardless. The band's set will feature a great mix of popular songs from previous incarnation Orange Tin Man, as well as plenty of brand-new material to surprise. More shows coming soon...

The band is in the process of recording a 3 song CD demo at Naf Productions, and will make this available to the general public at the live shows. A website is in the works, which will feature photos, bios, music samples, and other assorted mayhem. As soon as it's up and running, you'll be informed...

Michael White - Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Jason Willis - Lead guitar, backup vocals
Chad Redl - Bass guitar
Eric Slyter - Drums